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It truly is crazy living on both sides of the Pond. That said, you may understand the craziness of what seemed like a simple task: baking cookies to add to the treats of our local church’s ESL class’ Christmas party last night. My new favorite word? Persevere! My first thought was to make a huge …

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Friday. Refrigerator is bursting with left-overs. Browsing the internet, I recently found these taste sensations: Turkey/cranberry quesadillas. Several substitutions recommended. Leftover stuffin’ muffins. Combines all sorts of leftovers! Turkey Pot pie. The Pioneer Woman’s recipe. Need I say more? 12 Recipes from ABC News. They certainly have resources to find fabulous! Trying to be somewhat …

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Thanksgiving fun

As I browse other blogs I find so many great ideas and projects that I want to share, but I’d be posting all day if I did them separately. So, as I’ve done in the past, here are links to some of my favorites from this week focusing on Thanksgiving fun. Naturally, Thanksgiving is on …

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Sunday’s Scripture (June 21)

I’m back. Sorry to have been away from this site for so long, but it’s just the way it’s been. I am so thankful for the encouragement of you sweet readers and friends who have kept me in prayer, as well as my family. My mom is holding her own and I returned to Maryland …

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Victory in Europe Day

This is the first year that Ukraine is officially joining the ranks of those countries who celebrate V-E Day on May 8, rather than May 9 when Russia celebrates. As we look at the situation in Ukraine and Europe at this point in history, we’d best not forget the lessons we should have learned during …

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