Picture postcards. An inexpensive way to send a personal message to family and friends.

My grandparents were blessed with opportunities to travel the world on several occasions and often by ocean liners. This allowed them to visit many locations without ever having to unpack, change hotels, make connections and all the other joys of travel. And it also gave them time to sit back, relax, and write postcards.

Though we would miss them when they were gone, we anxiously awaited the first postcard. The excitement of receiving our very own mail, addressed to each one of us individually, was incredible! Joy, joy, joy! The pictures were great and hand-picked for us, and the stamps were a sight to behold!

Keeping those moments in mind, Jim and I began sending postcards to our grandchildren whenever we venture to a different country or state. The grands are so young that I think we get more of a kick out of sending the cards than they do receiving them, at this point. But we’re developing a habit and one day I am quite sure these precious ones will wait by the mailbox wondering if today is the day for their very own mail.

This summer I realized that the tradition of sending postcards has been going on longer than I thought. My sisters and I were going through boxes of old pictures, books, and letters that had been in a storage area for years and years.

What a surprise to discover a postcard among the saved treasures! The picture was a black and white drawing of a street in Shanghai and the card was addressed to my dad from his father, my grandfather. The same man who continued to send post cards for decades! I’ll admit my eyes teared up as I read the card because I had never ever imagined my grandfather as a daddy. The card was addressed to Master Harry Matthews at a hotel in Hawaii…before it became our 50th state.

The card read:

Dearest Harry —
This is a chinese
street scene in
Shanghai. It is very
cold here. We only
have 3 hours ashore so
I won’t be able to see
much — Love to you
all from Daddy

The moms are saving the new cards for our grandchildren. Who knows whether they’ll one day be relegated to the trash or maybe to the saved treasures box. I wonder what our grandchildren will remember about the senders, or if their children might see them and ask about us. Will there be some history or geography lessons based on our cards — will the countries still be in existence?!

A simple card from long ago sure stirred up a lot of reflection. Love that it was addressed to ‘Master.’ My brother’s cards came that way, too. We girls were Mistresses. War time in Shanghai. Hawaii still a territory. And my Poppy signed the card Daddy. So much information in one little card.

Do you send post cards to your grandchildren? Who knows what may come from such a simple act…

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  1. Biz says:

    tears and memories are flowing. I agree. Hard to imagine Pop signing Daddy. ..more like Father. I see Non signing Mommy!

    • Marianna Peipon says:

      I’m with you, Biz. I can almost imagine Non drawing winking faces. I still have one more pretty full box to go through…who knows? Might find more post cards!!

  2. Grandma Kc says:

    We just don’t travel and since Amara is only a mile away I’ve never sent her postcards but I can sure see why you looked forward to receiving them. What a treasure!

    • Marianna Peipon says:

      Once upon a time you could purchase post cards that had the picture side simply plain…with a thin sheet of paper that could be peeled back. The idea was to remove the paper and add your own picture to use for the card. I think we only did this once or twice to send pictures to my parents of their grandchildren…wondering if that’s something you can still find today. You could even send Amara a favorite picture card of time together just for fun!!

  3. Jackie says:

    Getting real mail is always a treat. I have one grandchild in same town and one in a different state. But I always send cards to both on occasions like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.Thanks for the reminder about postcards sending them would be a good idea in between times just for fun.

    • Marianna Peipon says:

      I should probably be better about sending cards for special occasions! Post cards could even be used to announce a fun place to visit…local museums or parks?

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