New memories from the old

What a fabulous morning! Our car needed to be inspected for Maryland tags and our ride home from the shop included three of our grandchildren and their Aunt Anna. Mama had been dropped off at summer school. Rather than returning to their home before retrieving Mama, we were blessed with their company for the whole morning!

donutsWe are still not settled — missing some key furniture (to be purchased at a later date) and piles of pictures and other miscellaneous items are strewn across the floor as we try to organize what will go where. Not exactly the best situation for three little ones under five, but all went well. Thankfully.

First stop, of course, was the kitchen table. Aunt Anna arrived with doughnuts in hand and the boys quickly found seats and waited patiently for Grammy to get plates and napkins. It warms my heart to see them sitting in the same chairs I sat in for years at my parents’ home. Though the table was not used in my childhood home for meals, we are finding it just the right size for our new space. It’s such fun to find new uses for old furniture!! (We used to do puzzles on the table when it was located behind a love seat at my parents…)

BlocksAfter the breakfast snack, Milan and Alek worked together to create a castle in which to hide from dragons. Their imaginations soar when given basic blocks — these blocks were played with by my father, my siblings, our children, and now our grandchildren. Several of the blocks are autographed by young builders — our own children — back in the day. Again, such fun watching and listening to another generation as they create scenarios around the blocks. Even baby Elza took part, though she preferred lining up same-sized blocks away from the building.

One large box sitting at the edge of the room provided a prolonged search for treasure. I knew, of course, what was in the box, but the children had no clue. All they knew for sure was that the box was heavy and seemed to be filled by white styrofoam discs. They dug through the discs — putting them in trash bags — and spotted GOLD! The excitement was precious. We all kept digging and removing discs and finally Grammy was able to pull the treasure out of the box.

cash registerThe gold was actually brass and the treasure was a cash register that had once belonged in my father-in-law’s drug store. Wow!! The boys enjoyed ringing up sales and pretending to put money in the wooden-lined drawer. Once we polish this gem, we’ll display it with other mementos from his store.

A short walk around the neighborhood and the boys found even more treasures…this time in the shape of pine cones. The two favorites were selected to take home to Mama.

A sweet morning. Jim was able to prepare for a meeting with medical students that took place on skype this afternoon. We unpacked several more treasures. And we were blessed with lots of grandchildren hugs and kisses.

(We even read a pop-up book published in 1972 featuring Mickey Mouse introducing his readers to Walt Disney World…some of the exhibits are no longer there, but the book is a real classic!)

Ah, the memories. Thankful for new memories coming from the old.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Fun post, Grammy! It’s so special to have treasures from family history to share with the next generation!

  2. Marianna Peipon says:

    I totally agree, Suzanne! It’s been a long time since we’ve had access to these treasures…such fun rediscovering them!!

  3. Joyce says:

    This is so sweet! I am so glad you have well-loved toys and furniture from the past to continue enjoying. We used to gently tease my mother for being a “hoarder.” She saved many of our things. I did the same with my daughters’ toys. Today, I, too, watch my grandchildren sit in the same little rocking chair I did, and enjoy seeing them play with toys their mommies did. The re-issues of the Fisher-Price dollhouse, barn and school are nowhere near the quality of the originals!

    • Marianna Peipon says:

      You’re right…the quality of the remakes is not even close to the originals! So thankful to be able to watch history repeat itself in these little pieces of the past. Glad to know you experience the same thing!!

  4. Grandma Kc says:

    They certainly look like they are enjoying those donuts! That cash register really was a treasure for them to find. Simple things can be so entertaining!

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