My life

It has been brought to my attention that some of you (might I guess even MOST of you), dear readers, do not know anything about me except what I wrote as an introduction to my life as Grammy.

So here’s a little glimpse:

My pediatrician husband Jim and I have been happily (most of the time) married since the fall of 1981. We moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Salisbury, MD where Jim began practicing medicine…and learned that I was pregnant…before our first anniversary. The next 20 years are a blur!! We were blessed with twin daughters and almost two years later our son was born. (The girls thought he was a birthday present!) Jim began his own practice, I loved being a stay-at-home mom and we were living the American dream. Except that we were like two ships in the night…between Jim’s every-night on-call schedule and my exhausting life with three little ones. I would hear people talk about how much more in love they were with each other decades after they were married and I honestly thought they had to be lying. How could that possibly be?

Thankfully someone was willing to share the truths of Scripture with us and we were full speed ahead. We individually searched the scriptures and learned that the Bible addressed families, money, parenting, basically everything! We recognized that we were sorely out of alignment with God, but that He had the perfect plan to restore us to Him. And we simply had to believe it. Not necessarily understand it, but definitely believe it.

We quickly grew in our knowledge and understanding of the One who had called us to Him. This happened in our early to mid-thirties. Slow learners. We were so thankful to raise our children in a Christian home and to be able to help ground them in truths of the Bible. Our lives were still busy — add soccer schedules, music lessons, birthday parties — but we were a team, intentionally carving out time together whenever possible. Surely NOW we were REALLY living the American dream.

And then God shook things up a bit.

Just before we turned 50, we sold the medical practice, put our home on the market, gave our vehicles away, and moved our family of 5, including three teen-agers, to Kyiv, Ukraine. Whoa! From a town to a large city. From a single-family home to a flat that was 1/3 of the living space. We had a lot to learn about ourselves in those early months, and over the years. Life was never boring.

Fast forward 15 years and we are empty-nesters living in Ukraine, though we recently bought a home in the states at the suggestion of our board. (Sooo much uncertainty in Ukraine and we needed to move treasured items out of the country as well as be able to move quickly, if necessary.) Our first-born has completed a 10-year term in Kathmandu, Nepal via Operation Mobilisation and is now raising support to work out of their home office in Atlanta. Her twin is married to a Ukrainian and they have blessed us with three grandchildren. The youngest is defying all odds in her battle with CHD. Our son also married a Ukrainian and they have blessed us with our other two grandchildren. The married couples live within 15 minutes of each other in Maryland. Can you guess where we purchased a home?

Currently, we are living on two different continents and honestly don’t know which one to call home. Thankful that we know that our true citizenship is in Heaven.

And we love each other more and more every day! What they said is true!!