Long time, no post

Wait! What? How long ago? Seriously?

My last post was nearly a year ago? So, what happened?

LOTS took place. In fact, more than I could document!

I have to admit that I had a silent challenge that was preventing me from feeling like I could move forward with this blog. Nothing serious, mind you, and truly nothing to do with the amazing role of grandparenting…but this particular situation (most of the enormity of it all simply being in my head…) continued to first give me a reason to postpone writing (once THIS is done, THEN I’ll be able to write freely!) and then the longer I went without writing, the harder it became to start anew.

I’m thankful for all that the Lord brought into my life over the past months, but I’m particularly grateful that I had a chance to renew friendships (also now grandmothers!) and meet new inspirational grandmothers along the way. When I mentioned that I had a blog (Are you kidding me? A year later?), I was so encouraged by their responses and also convicted to return to writing.

All that to simply say:  I’m back!

AND, to make matters even more fun…three of our grandchildren are actually in Ukraine and will be at our flat this weekend! I can hardly wait to hear them share the excitement of living in the village for two weeks with their other grandmother. Baba Olya must be on Cloud 9 — she has seven grandchildren under her roof right now!

Looking forward to regular posts…might even catch you all up on the excitement of this past year as I press on with what I’m learning about the amazing world from a ‘grand’ perspective!

Time most assuredly flies by, but I plan to freeze some moments right here lest they are lost forever.



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