Grandma’s Briefs

Grandma's Briefs

First of all, you have to love a blog entitled “Grandma’s Briefs.” I mean, don’t you?

Because of my new blog, I have been looking around to find like-minded grandparents — ones who post encouraging articles, ones who brag about their ‘grands,’ ones whose sites are just fun to visit. Ones who inspire me, challenge me, make me laugh. Ones with ‘grands-approved’ recipes. Travel tips.

Well, Grandma’s Briefs has a bit of everything. Through comments with each other, the owner alerted me to a GRAND social link party. This is pretty perfect timing for me.

And for you, too, if you’re looking for additional sites written by grandparents, though not necessarily ABOUT grandparenting. Bloggers are adding links to their own sites all on her link party post. Everybody’s all in one place. So convenient. And such a fun and efficient way to discover new blogs!

So, click on the link, and at the end of her post from today you will find multiple bloggers linking to her site. This is going to be fun!

And, if YOU, too, have a blog that you’d like to link, simply follow the instructions at her site.



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  1. Joyce says:

    Marianna, your site just bursts with the joy of being a grandmother! I am one too, and a “regular” at Lisa’s link party – in fact, a “charter member!” I’m following you by email so we can travel this fun road together. Looking forward to lots more here!

    • Marianna Peipon says:

      So nice to meet you, Joyce! I was just over at YOUR site looking at that fun lollipop hair. I agree, this is going to be a fun road! And thanks for your encouragement.

  2. Hi Marianna,

    Welcome to the blogosphere. I love the idea of your new blog. And like you, I have grandchildren who I think are pretty special. You should get a lot of people checking in and commenting. Who doesn’t want to talk about their grands?

    You’ve given me some ideas. I’ll have to write some posts on darcysdime.com about using money wisely when it comes to spending on grandchildren. If you talk to my husband, I am out of control, but I’m really not. It’s just hard to resist goodies for them.

    Once again, thanks for adding such a fun blog and…. I visited Grandma’s Briefs. I loved it, too!


    • Marianna Peipon says:

      Thanks for the encouragement to keep on keepin’ on! If you write about using money wisely when it comes to spending on the grandchildren, I would love to link the article on my blog. I, too, MIGHT be a bit out of control…having SOOO many miles between us helps me not get too overly crazy, I think. BUT, I leave tomorrow for the states so I will be forced to show more restraint. Yikes!!


  3. Grandma Kc says:

    Lisa does have a wonderful blog and a wonderful linky party. You will be learning from the best!

    • Marianna Peipon says:

      Thanks for commenting, Grandma Kc. It was great fun to discover new-for-me grandma bloggers…went to YOUR site as well. There are some really informative blogs out there…got inspired for a couple of posts that I need to get written!

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