Grandchildren bound: From Kyiv, Ukraine to Salisbury, Maryland

I’ve been off the radar here for over a week — except for Sundays. This was NOT my plan as I began a new venture into blogging, but life took some twists and turns last week and I simply had no energy at all to consider posting.

On Friday, June 7, I flew from Kyiv, Ukraine to Salisbury, Maryland. From flat to home-away-from-home took just over 25 hours. But to be met at the airport by my daughter, son-in-law and three sweet grandchildren made the trip so worthwhile.

I arrived stateside to be able to help with the care of two grandsons (the older brothers — ages 3-1/2+ and 2+) when their baby sister would be with their mother at Johns Hopkins Hospital for some cardiology appointments and cath lab procedures in anticipation of Baby Elza’s second open-heart surgery scheduled for the end of the month. You can only imagine how busy life is in this household!

Upon arrival at the homestead all of us hit the sack pretty quickly…and Saturday morning arrived in just the blink of an eye. Or so it seemed. I am thankful that my husband and I pretty much deny jet lag and try to get on a normal schedule as quickly as possible. Though I did wake up through the night I refused to let myself get out of bed until a suitable hour — or until some little feet came padding up the stairs to see where Grammy was.

Is there anything sweeter than hearing little voices calling out “Grammy! Grammy! I’m right here. Want to read a book?”

Per usual, I was scheduled for a haircut at 9 a.m. (See what I mean about getting on a normal schedule?!) and we ALL were ready to go with time to spare. We even had time to stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for some donut holes to help pass the time at my favorite salon.


Grinning ear to ear here in Grammy heaven!

…and this is just the beginning…

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