Grammy days

One of our local high schools offers a unique training program for students desiring to work with children. Three mornings a week, a special 2-hour class allows the high school students, under supervision, to receive hands-on experience working with preschoolers.

All three of our grandsons look forward to ‘school’ and the high schoolers begin to understand the challenges and joys of working with this age group. Win-win.

sorting stickersAnd how blessed are we to live within walking distance of this program!

This morning I walked over to retrieve them from class and heard first-hand the excitement of the morning. Learning about owls. And they had a snack. Love little boys.

On the walk home we stopped by the fire station that Milan has named “Fire Station Number Firefighter Luke’s”. The boys were so happy to be welcomed by Luke and he was obviously entertained by their siren impressions — weewoo, weewoo, weewoo! It’s wonderful to have the boys admire the men and women at the station.

Once we arrived home and had our fill of cheese and crackers, the boys were ready for a project. (Mama was donating blood so we had extra time together today!) Stickers are always a hit, and today they sorted some transportation stickers.

They had the option of as many stickers as they wanted — I am the Grammy, you know — and they adhered them to their paper based on whether the vehicles traveled in air, on water, or on ground. I love to watch their faces as they intently figure it out.

Elza and stickers
Of course, Elza would not be outdone. Her favorite part of the task was sticking the vehicles on her paper. And then peeling them off. And then sticking them back on. And so it went.

Ice cream sandwiches for a job well done, and they were off.

Love these Grammy days.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Lovely post; they are so much fun!

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