From afar…again

Well, I’m officially a Grammy from afar…again. Mid-August found me in the clouds heading back to Kyiv, Ukraine. And, again, I am thankful for technology that allows me to receive pictures and hear voices of five amazing grandchildren.

A seven-hour time difference does not always allow ‘live’ conversations, but the one thing that I can do regularly is pray for these precious ones and their families. Whether near or far.

Pray. Every day.

Five grandchildren. Five weekdays. Easy schedule. Though we pray for them all regularly we have assigned a specific day of the week to a specific grandchild. Down the road the children will better know what we’re doing and they may have specific requests for us to pray. Of course, we pray for their parents as well. What a blessing to focus on each one — thanking God for the gifts He has given each one and asking Him to make their paths straight. To make Himself real to them. To call them to Him. We find ourselves most often praying for specific attributes that we want to grow within each one — humility, compassion, kindness, generosity, and self-control among others.

Soon it will be Grandparents’ Day which is also a national day of prayer. I will be posting more details about this day over the next week or two and I am praying that you, too, will join me in praying for the grandchildren. Find some like-minded grandparents and make it a special event.

Praying for each of you.

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  1. Joyce says:

    I love the idea of each child having his/her special day to be remembered in prayer! Beautiful!
    Congratulations on your new arrival!

  2. Marianna Peipon says:

    Thanks, Joyce. Good to be back in Kyiv. Giving each child a special day for prayer has really helped us to consistently pray specifically… It’s good for us and it’s good for them. 🙂

  3. Grandma Kc says:

    Glad you made it back safely but I know it must be hard to not have them so close by! Technology helps, too! I’m planning a Grandparents Coffee Break at Amara’s school for the day after. It will be the first one so hope it is a success!

    • Marianna Peipon says:

      Internet went off for a couple of days…just seeing your comment. Sounds like a great idea to have a grandparents coffee break at Amara’s school. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

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