Friday fun (May 8)

Friday fun
Summer happenings! Several ideas to work into your summer schedules:

I was excited to see that the Regal Movie Theaters have posted the schedule for summer $1 movies! You’ll need to enter in your zip code to find the theater closest to you to determine the starting week but once you have THAT date, the rest of the summer is clear.

2015 Summer Movie Express

Your children can each earn a free book through the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading program:

Imagination’s Destination

Our children LOVED the Book It! challenge put out by Pizza Hut. We ate a lot of free pizza when they were young. A new challenge will begin on June 22, but details are not yet available..check the link for updates.

Book it! details should soon be available at this link.

Check your local library to see whether they’re offering a challenge or not!

A great idea to cool down hot car seats and buckles:
A fine mist bottle

Unless you’re in Colorado (inches of hail, really?!), spring is definitely in the air. Take advantage of these not-too-hot days to have fun outdoors with your Grands.

Have a Grand day!!

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  1. Grandma Kc says:

    We’ve done the B&N book challenge but I didn’t know about Book It! Looking forward to that one! Thanks!

  2. Joyce says:

    Thank you so much for the tip on the Barnes and Noble reading club! Last week I posted about my own family library which includes reading folders and prizes too. I think my grandchildren can probably combine their reading and really clean up on prizes this summer!

    • Marianna Peipon says:

      I spent some time at your site today looking at the family library. It has me so motivated to attempt something like that myself…my grandchildren don’t read yet, but they love books AND puzzles. My daughter discovered the two oldest on her couch leaning over a large box, handing a book to the baby. They said that’s how it is in the library…you can’t really see up to the counter, but the books do get handed down to you! Love that they already play ‘library.’ A child-size home library would be awesome!

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