Family legacy

Dream Land
Jim and I are reading such an interesting book: Dream Land by Lily Hyde.

“One girl’s struggle to find her true home. It was meant to be like coming home…All her life, Safi’s parents have dreamed of returning to Grandpa’s native village in Crimea. But exchanging their sunny Uzbekistan house for a squalid camp is more like a nightmare. Will the return to a country where no one welcomes them tear Safi’s family apart, or can this strange land ever become home? This is a compelling story about the Crimean Tatars’ struggle to reclaim the land from which they were exiled in the Second World War.”

Oh, the power of a grandparent and a story. This young girl knew the minutest details of her grandpa’s native village because of the repeated stories of his own life growing up in Crimea. (It’s quite difficult to read at this point in history because, unfortunately, Russia is forcing the Tatars to leave Crimea once again.)

Do you have memories that you need to share with your grandchildren?

How are you passing on the family legacy: Photo albums? Video interviews? Journals?

I should be starting this process, but I’m not even sure how to begin. I’m open to any suggestions!! Thoughts?

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