Christmas scripture-writing challenge

December 1 is rapidly approaching and I have not given much thought to which reading plan I’ll use to help keep my mind focused on the reason for our celebrating. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season gets so crazy that I forget why I’m even celebrating! And if the parents and grandparents are not focused, you can be pretty sure that the little ones are not either. They definitely follow our lead.
Reading plan
And then this plan appeared in my facebook newsfeed: A simple reading plan that is enhanced by actually writing the scriptures as well — I’ve learned that taking the time to write passages allows me to consider details that I might have otherwise just glossed over. AND it allows me to truly ponder what I’m reading.

This could also be a great challenge for the younger set — especially thinking of home-schooled students who could use this challenge to practice penmanship. Penmanship with a purpose.

And it also might be a great plan for reading to the younger set. None of my grandchildren are old enough to do any serious writing (though several are able to write their names). But these passages are short enough to even read at breakfast — setting the tone for the day — or any time that families gather each day.

Do you have a favorite Christmas reading plan that works for you and your family?

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