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30 Days of Content

“Monday, Monday. Can’t trust that day. Monday, Monday. Sometimes it just turns out that way.” I’m actively involved in a “30 Days of Content Challenge” through LearntoBlog. The challenge did not come at the most convenient time for me … what worthwhile EVER happens when it’s actually convenient? But I knew that I had to …

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I can only think of one good thing resulting from Charlie Sheen announcing his HIV+ status on national news: It puts the virus back on the front page and allows us to potentially reduce the associated stigma while debunking so many falsehoods circulating via social media. I work with HIV+ hospitalized children in Kyiv, Ukraine. …

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Victory in Europe Day

This is the first year that Ukraine is officially joining the ranks of those countries who celebrate V-E Day on May 8, rather than May 9 when Russia celebrates. As we look at the situation in Ukraine and Europe at this point in history, we’d best not forget the lessons we should have learned during …

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