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It truly is crazy living on both sides of the Pond. That said, you may understand the craziness of what seemed like a simple task: baking cookies to add to the treats of our local church’s ESL class’ Christmas party last night. My new favorite word? Persevere! My first thought was to make a huge …

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Christmas scripture-writing challenge

December 1 is rapidly approaching and I have not given much thought to which reading plan I’ll use to help keep my mind focused on the reason for our celebrating. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season gets so crazy that I forget why I’m even celebrating! And if the parents and grandparents …

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Family vacation: Day one

Well, this is a first. An extended family vacation. Siblings. Multi-generations. And sun. Not too hot. But warm enough to enjoy the resort pool. Plenty of time to splash with little ones and dodge water cannons. (I must say that I didn’t see the other grandmothers and great-aunts fully committed to water play — how …

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Thanksgiving fun

As I browse other blogs I find so many great ideas and projects that I want to share, but I’d be posting all day if I did them separately. So, as I’ve done in the past, here are links to some of my favorites from this week focusing on Thanksgiving fun. Naturally, Thanksgiving is on …

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Sunday’s Scripture (June 21)

I’m back. Sorry to have been away from this site for so long, but it’s just the way it’s been. I am so thankful for the encouragement of you sweet readers and friends who have kept me in prayer, as well as my family. My mom is holding her own and I returned to Maryland …

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Victory in Europe Day

This is the first year that Ukraine is officially joining the ranks of those countries who celebrate V-E Day on May 8, rather than May 9 when Russia celebrates. As we look at the situation in Ukraine and Europe at this point in history, we’d best not forget the lessons we should have learned during …

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