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It truly is crazy living on both sides of the Pond. That said, you may understand the craziness of what seemed like a simple task: baking cookies to add to the treats of our local church’s ESL class’ Christmas party last night. My new favorite word? Persevere! My first thought was to make a huge …

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I can only think of one good thing resulting from Charlie Sheen announcing his HIV+ status on national news: It puts the virus back on the front page and allows us to potentially reduce the associated stigma while debunking so many falsehoods circulating via social media. I work with HIV+ hospitalized children in Kyiv, Ukraine. …

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Across the generations

I read a blog post recently that really caught my attention. It had to do with aging well. Not just physically, but emotionally, socially and spiritually. And how to involve those that might be feeling a bit neglected. The author starts out: “There is all sorts of advice for women about how to age well. …

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Live far from your grandchildren? Missing those precious hugs and delightful baby gurgles? Wishing to snuggle? Feeling the urge to read a book to little ones? May I suggest that you volunteer somewhere? Get involved in the lives of the children who are nearby…in between visits with your very own ‘grands.’ Does your church have …

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Athletes Serving Athletes

Continuing with my first day in the States, we had planned to visit our other two grandchildren. The oldest cousins love to be with each other and squeal with delight at the prospect of visiting. BUT on this morning we learned that one was not feeling well — slight fever, lethargy — and we can’t …

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