Athletes Serving Athletes

Continuing with my first day in the States, we had planned to visit our other two grandchildren. The oldest cousins love to be with each other and squeal with delight at the prospect of visiting. BUT on this morning we learned that one was not feeling well — slight fever, lethargy — and we can’t take chances on passing germs to our little one who will be undergoing open heart surgery soon. The goal is to keep her healthy — not even a cold — until that date.

Plan B went into effect. Actually always part of the plan, but just a little earlier than we had scheduled.

Have you heard of Athletes Serving Athletes? It’s an amazing ministry that allows children with any number of challenges¬† to experience the exhilaration of competing in 5Ks and more! The athletes train with their young charges during the week and then enter races locally as well as nationally. One local team took part in a race this spring that took part outside of Boston, Massachusetts! What a great adventure for the coaches/wingmen as well as the young ones entered into the contests.

Well, on this day we were able to join friends as they supported this awesome ministry. So much great stuff to do! Though our little ones didn’t like the jumping house — the motor is too loud! — they loved a bouncy twister game!

Bouncy Twister

Chick-fil-a had sandwiches available for any donation amount so lunch was especially yummy! Among other local supporters: Community Pharmacy, Starbucks, and Ace Hardware.

And one of the favorite moments ANYWHERE we go is when a real fire engine shows up! With real firemen! Our little firefighters returned home with hats, coloring books and badge stickers. What more could little boys desire?

Firefighter Milan

The temperature climbed and the asphalt retained heat so we had to leave before Baby Elza’s heart had to work overtime to keep her body temperature in check.

This Grammy loved watching the little ones having such fun…and for a good cause!

We arrived home with a couple of hours before I was being picked up to enjoy grownup time on a river cruise… never a dull moment.

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