Milan with crayons

This little boy seems to always have a notebook and a pen/crayon/pencil in his hand.

Sometimes he draws, sometimes he writes notes.

But always with a purpose.

We have listed our flat in Kyiv for sale, and we have been strongly advised to take all personal effects away…especially the family pictures. Oh, my. Our walls are bare except for random fasteners that are permanently in the walls.

Milan to the rescue!

He created multiple pictures for just the amount of nails he saw. When asked why we had an exposed nail on an inside door, I explained that we hang a wreath there over the holidays. He immediately went to work drawing a round wreath for that spot! No hesitation, but went straight to work.


I was fascinated watching him create a landscape — apparently two weeks with older cousins out in the village taught him some specific techniques. As he drew the sun and then the rays, he purposely drew ‘long, short, long, short.’ Just like his cousins!

I am thrilled to have our walls decorated once again.

And with original artwork.

Thanks, Milan. We love you.

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  1. Joyce says:

    I think Milan has an excellent sense of color, proportion and attention to detail. You can take that from me. I am a former (high school) art teacher!

    • Marianna says:

      Thanks for the comment, Joyce!! I’ll pass that on to his mother!! He truly loves drawing…well, creating of any sort! He used to walk around with a toy hammer and screwdriver to ‘fix’ things…

  2. Milans mom says:

    Apparently, the long short technique was already being used. Upon arriving home and looking at the fridge artwork, the sun had the same long/short rays!

    • Marianna Peipon says:

      That boy just has talent!! Looking forward to summer artwork with him. And thanks for commenting…nice to have the mother of three of the grands keeping me straight!!

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