30 Days of Content

“Monday, Monday.

Can’t trust that day.

Monday, Monday.

Sometimes it just turns out that way.”


I’m actively involved in a “30 Days of Content Challenge” through LearntoBlog. The challenge did not come at the most convenient time for me … what worthwhile EVER happens when it’s actually convenient? But I knew that I had to get back to regular blogging sooner or later and the challenge was just the push I needed.

I’ve managed to post SOMETHING each day…

And then came Monday.

I guess if I would learn how to write and schedule it to publish on a different day, this might not have happened. Actually, I DID try that little trick several years back and it proved to be a huge mistake. Well, the blog worked out well, but family members assumed that I had been online and were frantically trying to reach me across the ocean for important news. Ugh. Confused many people.

Back to Monday.

Up early to clean out a villa in Florida before heading to North Carolina to have dinner with a friend immediately followed by sharing news of our Ukraine ministry with some of her friends at a local church. We love introducing people to Ukraine Medical Outreach. And we love responding to questions about our work, about the political climate in Ukraine, and our lives abroad. Of course, time flies.

We returned to our friend’s home and it was just too late to sit down and write. I considered getting up even earlier than usual to post a blog a few hours late. But it didn’t happen. (Not only did I not have the wifi password BUT I overslept…my eyes didn’t even open until 6:45 and we needed to be on the road between 8 and 9.)

All that to say that missing Monday could have ruined me…foiled my plans. It could have given me an excuse to give it all up… at least give up the challenge. Surely I have enough to do without THIS commitment as well!

But that’s not happening. It may be a day late but it’s done.

And I WILL make up the extra post on another day.

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