The first meeting

When we learned that our daughter was pregnant, we were naturally thrilled. Sooo excited.  Who has married children and doesn’t expectantly await that momentous call? All of our friends who were already in the grandparents’ club sent greetings and congratulations and promised us that our lives would never be the same.

“Just wait until you see that little bundle.”

” Those teeny tiny fingers and toes.”

“There’s nothing like it. The love you’ll feel for that newborn will overwhelm you.”

The little one was due in September. We checked our calendar and realized that we would not be able to be there before the baby was born unless he stayed put for a few extra days. We had two conferences in Ukraine and Hungary that left no wriggle room for departure.  Jeanne’s OB/GYN said that Jeanne was the first mother-to-be who had EVER hoped that the baby might be late.  Jeanne herself had been 8 days late — not too common for twins — so there was a chance.

But, Milan preferred his own schedule and arrived a few days early.

Jim and I finally arrived in the U.S. several weeks after his birth. I couldn’t wait to meet our very first grandchild…the one who earned us membership in the club.

And we were not disappointed. Close to midnight and we saw him. In our daughter’s arms and soon passed to Jim and to me. Oh my heart was soaring! No jet lag for us!! His perfect little mouth. His gentle rhythmic breathing. His squirms. We studied him like a book…memorizing expressions, gurgles, sighs. We had a limited time to absorb all that we could…and then back to the other side of the Pond.

Jeanne and MilanBut I have to say that the emotions surrounding the baby were certainly powerful. And everything we had heard was true. We were totally caught up in that first meeting and all the moments to come.

But the one thing I had not expected (no one had prepared me for this at all) was the overwhelming emotion that arose in me as I watched my own daughter so tenderly love and care for her son. I was undone. Tears still well up when I think about it.

And now with five grandchildren, I still marvel at the sight of our children and their spouses interacting with their children with such love and devotion. 

Loving these Grammy years. Even from afar.



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  1. Nana Taylor says:

    I agree! The first meeting was so special. Hallowed. He didn’t ask but it was important for me to let Papa be the first to hold Ivy; then Hazel. Yes, Marianna, the most wonderful blessing was to see our big, strong, but gentle son adeptly care for his tiny daughter. My heart swells when I see him interact with both his daughters!

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